A Collection of Microfiction on a Theme: Apart

Each of the stories below was designed around one word: Apart. Each attempts to paint a completely different emotional image in precisely 50 words (excluding the title). Memories was written for Sonia G. Medeiros’ January Writing Challenge, using the prompt word “forgetful.”


“What’s been keeping us apart all this time?”

“Memories, I guess. Since your mother died like that, all I could think about was those horrible things she’d said to me…”

He stepped toward me. “And now? What changed all that now?”

I smirked at him, a little smug. “I forget.”



“It’s all falling apart, isn’t it?”

My eyes roamed over the deserted streets; all that was left of our grand experiment in community. “It’s ironic,” I whispered.

“Alanis Morrisette irony?”

“No, the real kind. We set out to bring people together, but now they know each other…and hate each other.”



“The key word is “apart,” she lectured sternly. “As in, I don’t want to see either of you bothering the other today.”

I glared at my stupid brother. I was never going to forgive him for this spanking.

Shyly, he raised his hand. “Is it okay if we play together?”



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7 responses to “A Collection of Microfiction on a Theme: Apart

  1. I love all three. Family especially cracked me up. My kiddos are just like that. I’ll separate them for fighting and tell them they can’t be together and they suddenly want to play again. LOL

    • Thanks! I have to admit, the last one is sort of a snapshot of my interactions with my younger brother. I’d get so mad…but he was always a peacemaker, ready to set the fight behind him (and get on to the next one.)

  2. I think your little bro was wise beyond his years!
    I liked all three of these!
    Although–and this is purely in jest–the word was forgetful. Your using forget reminds me of one of my favorite Little Johnny jokes, where the teacher asked the class to use the word “fascinate” in a sentence.

  3. I too found the Family one so much like my two kiddos. They can not get along but hate to be apart.

  4. All of these are really nicely done!

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  6. They were all great, but “Family” was my favorite as well. It definitely reminds me of my younger siblings.

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