Short Story: Masks

This is a short story written for Sonia G. Medeiros’ October/November writing prompt, “Masks.” It clocks in at 384 words, total.

It’s all going to be worth it. The beatings as a child, the poverty, the loneliness. The times when I wasn’t lonely enough…no, I won’t think about it. I won’t. I worked hard, and I got out of that hell-hole. I snagged a scholarship and at age 18 I zipped off to college. I was finally, finally free. I thought that was all…

And then I met him. Andy. He’s sweet and kind. He’s goddamned loaded, too, and that’s a nice perk. I always wondered what it would be like to be rich. I always wondered if it really did bring along a happily ever after, like in all the stories…then I met Andy. Now I know that it does.

I stroke the side of his cheek affectionately. He doesn’t even stir in his sleep. He’s so peaceful, like this. Watching him sleep, it’s hard to believe anything terrible could ever happen…

Until Andy, I thought my beauty was a curse. It had brought me nothing but pain as a child, nothing but monsters as an adult. Andy is different, though; he really cares about me and he tries to take care of me. My fairy tale is finally coming out right…

Except for poor Andy. My kiss didn’t lift his curse, the way it was supposed to. My love hasn’t transformed him, making him over until his outside is as beautiful as his inside. It’s not fair, him being trapped in this ugly lump of meat. It’s not fair, when happily ever after is waiting just around the corner. I know there is a beautiful man underneath, but his curse won’t let me catch even a glimpse of him.

I lean down and kiss his too-thin lips ever so gently. His eyelashes don’t even shiver. That’s okay; I know he loves me, even if he can’t react to my touch right now. It’s okay, Andy. I read lots of fairy tales as a child. I know how to lift your curse.

The ether and I, we’ve put him into an enchanted sleep. When he wakes, his princess will be by his side and we’ll ride into the sunset together.

I lift the scalpel, weighing it in my hand. It’s time to take off this cursed mask, and see the handsome prince waiting underneath.



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7 responses to “Short Story: Masks

  1. That was great and had a twisted edge that I enjoyed. I really liked how you incorporated the concept of a fairytale and the importance of beauty in them. Lovely work!

    – Ermisenda

  2. Love the creepy twist and twisted voice of the beautiful girl. You packed a lot of punch in just under 400 words. Bravo!

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  4. Even though I was relentlessly brought to the ending, I was still dumbed by its precision. Wonderful, Robin

  5. Thanks so much, everyone; It means so much to hear your kind words!

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