Moonstruck! Now On Paper!

The cover of my first novel, MoonstruckA few months ago, I mentioned that I ordered a proof copy of Moonstruck from CreateSpace. My plan was to review it quickly, then approve the story for self-publication.

Instead, it turned out to be an opportunity for a lot of editing. I’ve been straight through the story three times since then, each time correcting wording, fixing sentence structure, and generally trying to tighten things up. Finally, at long last, my efforts have been rewarded: Moonstruck is now as strong as I can make it.

I’ve updated the PDF on the Writings Page so that you all now have access to the most recent revision. I’ve also formally approved my latest proof with CreateSpace.

That’s right, for those who enjoy the story and would like a copy for their shelves, you can now purchase it here.

Please, take a moment to check out the free PDF. If you have any friends who enjoy fantasy or fairy tales, point them my way.

Most important, as always, thank you all for reading! It’s wonderful knowing you’re out there; you make it all worth while!

Buy Moonstruck Now!


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