Creative Storage Solutions: The Unused Fridge

I’ve been trying to lower our electric bills and one obvious target was the secondary fridge – the one we brought in from the RV. We’ve decreased our frozen food to the point that the second freezer isn’t really needed anymore, and the fridge below it held drinks. It took a little doing, but I managed to consolidate everything into the main fridge. It was tight, but since some of those items aren’t going to be restocked it should get easier with time.

This left me with one small, unplugged fridge to either store, donate, or re-purpose. For the first couple of days, I kept the doors open and a towel inside, to let the moisture evaporate so that it didn’t mildew, then it was decision time. It’s an attractive, silver-fronted beauty, so it seemed wasteful to store it, and I don’t want to donate it – we might need it in the future, if our pantry situation changes again. I pondered the question as I sat down to paint…and then one of the cats walked across my palette.

That was when it struck me – the shelves inside are roughly the size of my usual canvas, the door would be perfect for storing spray primer and sealant, and I could really use a cat-proof place to store my paintings while they dry; I’ve had to re-touch more work than I really want to think about.

I set to work, rearranging my little workspace behind the couch to include the fridge and then loading it up to see if it would work as well as I hoped. It’s not completely full yet, which is good; I’m only likely to need more art supplies as time goes on.

It looks wonderful. Sure, if I was buying storage new I could have gotten something prettier for less money, but we’re trying to save money, not spend it. I couldn’t be happier with the results I got, and it didn’t cost me a single penny.

Technically, since we’ve unplugged the beast, it should be saving us a few bucks every month!


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