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Walking Wolf

The final two phases of the painting begun here.

A walking wolf - incomplete imageI hate this stage. The goal is to add some texture, hopefully a little of which will remain and add depth to the final product. Sometimes it works beautifully, sometimes I manage to sort of smear it out of existence in the final blending. I’ve almost never actually ruined a painting this way…

But I’m always certain that I did when I look at it! Blech.

Normally I wouldn’t show off this phase, but I’ve shown off every other stage of this painting, so here you go. Witness my sad shame.

A walking wolfAnd the final version. The texture work from number three didn’t show through quite as well as I’d hoped, but I’m still very happy with the result. I think this painting shows a lot of depth and detail, and I’m happy to have this representation of my favorite animal!

This one earned a spot in my Etsy shop, I think!

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