Cooking Adventures: Baked Cheesecake

Another recipe from Stone Soup, my first attempt at a from-scratch cheesecake. As usual, I worked more by eyeball than by measures; she gives all her recipes by weight, and I have no good kitchen scale. Still, with most things eyeball is sufficient and the results seem to have born that out.

The specific recipe I was using in this instance was for Four Ingredient Cheesecakes. I decided to make two, small cheesecakes.

After combining the ingredients for the cheese-y center as instructed, I decided that I also wanted one of my cheesecakes to have a crust; for comparative purposes, you understand. So, I found a simple graham cracker crust recipe (approximately 1 part melted butter, 2 parts crushed graham cracker, and 2 parts sugar; a very rough mix) mixed it well, and pressed it into the edges of my small Pyrex container.

That done, I split the cheesecake filling between the two containers. I should note at this stage that since I mixed the sour cream, sugar, cream cheese, and egg by hand, it was a bit lumpy; not nearly so neat as is probably intended. I filled the containers about 3/4 full; having seen the result, I suspect this was probably a bit high; 2/3 probably would have better suited the rise of this particular dessert.

Jump ahead through 37 minutes of baking, and I have two cheesecakes that look promising on top, though not with that lightly browned top that was so delectable in her pictures. I let them cool in the oven as long as possible before transferring them to the refrigerator to finish chilling.

I later ate them up; first, sampling each as it was, then adding chocolate syrup (which I prefer upon my cheesecake) and finishing them off. They were tasty, but hardly perfect. Whether because of the recipe, or because of my own inadequate mixing, there was a distinctive flavor of scrambled eggs in my cheesy-delight, and the consistency seemed a bit eggy, as well. My suspicion is that it is a combination of factors – perhaps my egg was larger, or less of the other ingredients was used in my estimated measurements. I think the mixing was definitely a factor, and I wonder if the egg was even truly necessary; the original blend seemed quite cheese-cake-y before I added it.

In the future, I expect to try this recipe again, both with and without egg, and I will put further effort into creating a smooth blend for pouring.

I did find the graham cracker crust greatly enhanced the experience for me, and it also gave me a perfect excuse to keep graham crackers in the house.

For that alone, the experiment was quite worthwhile!

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  1. i made this cheesecake it was aizmang! but i didnt use 4pkg of cream cheese, i used 3. i also bought canned pumpkin pie filling that was already flavoured wiht cinnamon and nutmeg etc. it turned out just perfect for´╗┐ me, my family loved it! ive had demands to make it again, but as we all know cheesecake is a little too rich and a little to expensive to make very often. thanks for this recipe superb!

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